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Firewood in bags and netted sacks


Firewood in bags are easier to handle, store and use.

For packaging we use 30, 35, 40 and 60L UV resistant netted bags that are available in green, orange, yellow and raw white colours.

We can pack kiln dried, oven dried, seasoned or fresh cut firewood to the bags.  


Bags with firewood are put on one-way pallets that makes easy to transport them.

Normally we can use any type of wood that grows in our country to make firewood and pack to netted bags.

The most often used is: alder, birch, oak, ash either mixed wood type. 


According to bags size and clients demand we load from 42 to 90 bags on pallet. And from 24 to 28 pallets to a regular trailer.

The clients are responsible for unlaoding the trailer. Forklifk must be available at unlaod location.