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Firewood in solid wood containers


The main part of our firewood are being produced according to several standards:

Logs are 26, 30 or 33cm long.

Diameter 8 - 14 cm diameter, all logs splitted,

Natural moisture or kiln (oven) dried humidy under 25%.

We use Ash, Oak, Birch, Alder wood mainly, for separate orders we can produce Asp or Mixedwood.

Also we may consider orders for different standard firewood. 


Firewood is stacked into solid wooden containers (crates). The construction of wooden container for firewood consist of two main parts:
One way pallet on which firewood are loaded in three colums.
Frame that holds firewoood for certain high to stable shape.
The main aim of container is making firewood easy to store, handle and transport.


Depending on firewood log lengh, the size of bottom pallet of the container may vary a little bit.

But the total capacity of the firewood in one container is equal - about 2,05 m3 in some countries called: 2 raumeter. 


Main part of our firewood we deliver by trucks, under conditions DDU. Also available delivery options are: FOB Klaipeda, CIF customers desired port (for deliveries by 20" or 40" sea container).

To regular trailer we can laod from 24 to 28 palletsof the firewood depending on wood type, log lenght and moisture of the wood.

Regular 40 feet sea container can be laoded with 22 to 24 pallets of firewood. Space is limited because of the size of container.

We are always happy to assist concerning non regular standards, packaging or ways of shipment of the firewood.