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Wood Briquettes


We produce Wood Briquettes (blocks of sawdust) that are ecologically clear solid fuel made from pure wood sawdust. Briquettes are made under high pressure, so they consists no binder material. Can be used for solid fuel burners, heating systems and etc.

Total capacities 500 tones per month. 


Weight of one block: 0.85 kg
Dimensions: 60x90x120mm

Our Briquettes are packed in sealed 10kg polythene bags, after on palettes (1000kg each). 


Here are results of test for wood briquettes:

Moisture of operative fuel (Wd) - 4.6%
Ash of absolutely dry mass (As) - 0.2%
Amount of sulphur (S) - 0.01%
Heat value of absolutely dry mass (Q) - 20370 kJ/kg (4870 kkal/kg)
Lower heat value of operative fuel (Q) - 18810 kJ/kg (4490 kkal/kg)