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Premium grade wood pellets


We produce Premium grade wood pellets from pure wood only, with no contaminants, such as plywood or chipboard glues. The available diameters are 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm; fraction lenght from 0,5 to 3cm.
Total production capacities is 1200 tones per month.
Wood Pellets goes to our clients in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and United Kingdom. 


Here are results of test for wood pellets at burning laboratory:
Moisture of operative fuel (Wd) - 8.0%
Ash of absolutely dry mass (As) - 0.43%
Amount of sulphur (S) - 0.02%
Heat value (Q) - 4216kcal/kg / 17640MJ/t
Bulkweight (M) - 700-750 kg/m3 


Available packaging types for wood pellets are:

16 kg sacks, total 62 sacks on pallet
25 kg sacks, total 40 sacks on pallet
BigBags, 900 - 1200kg in pack, one on pallet

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Alternative types of packaging may be considered.